Excellent Value For The Money Spent

In the world of home inspections, You Get What You Pay For

Above and Beyond

Our fees for the home inspection are based on the value we provide by going above and beyond the Standards of Practice set forth by the industry, and delivering you as much information as we can about the home. While we are very competitive in price, we are NOT the cheapest price. If you are searching for the least expensive, quick “walk-through” home inspection, we are NOT the company you are looking for.

Entire Home Inspection

Listed are the base prices for home inspections. The price listed includes the entire home from roof to foundation along with a limited thermal scan of the structure and all HVAC and Electrical panels.

Pricing includes multiple AC Units & Electrical Panels.

*There may be additional cost added for the property such as travel fees, year of construction, etc. For more information please give us a call to discuss.

Jacob Vogel
Jacob Vogel
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Jake gave an in-depth and comprehensive report while being clear about what was and what wasn't a critical issue. This has given me great peace of mind!

(Performed by certified 3rd party)


(Inside Wichita)


(Outside Wichita)


(48 hour Radon Gas test)


Garage/Storage (No Mechanicals)


Garage/Storage (Electrical Only)


Habitable (HVAC, Plumbing, Electric)




Additional Home Inspection Services

Profound Home Inspections does its best to make the home inspection process as easy as possible for the potential buyer and the real estate agent. We use a 3rd-party for all additional services. When you use our online scheduler we take care of scheduling all other services needed. We do this so we can focus strictly on the home and not on other “ancillary” services. Profound Home Inspections “stays in our lane” to provide the best home inspections in Wichita and the surrounding areas.


If you are currently serving or have served our country in the past, THANK YOU! We would NOT be where we are at today if it was not for you and yours. First responders, THANK YOU for all that you do!

I know it’s not much but I want to give back. All military and first responders (present or retired) get a 10% discount on the home inspection service. To make this happen, CALL ME I want to personally thank you and set up your discount.

THANK YOU!! Military & First Responders

10% OFF The Home Inspection