Radon Testing

At Profound Home Inspections we offer the highest quality radon testing in Wichita and surrounding areas!

Radon Testing In Wichita, KS & Surrounding Areas

Radon is a naturally-occurring radioactive gas that can cause cancer. Radon gas is inert, colorless and odorless. Radon is naturally in the atmosphere in trace amounts. Outdoors, radon disperses rapidly and, generally, is not a health issue. Most radon exposure occurs inside homes, schools and workplaces. This is why you should hire us to provide radon gas testing to ensure that your family is safe in your home.

We proudly offer radon testing, because we know that the safety of your family is important. 

Radon gas becomes trapped indoors after it enters buildings through cracks and other holes in the foundation. Indoor radon can be controlled and managed with proven, cost-effective techniques.

Breathing radon over time increases your risk of lung cancer. Radon is the second leading cause of lung cancer in the United States. Nationally, the EPA estimates that about 21,000 people die each year from radon-related lung cancer. Only smoking causes more lung cancer deaths. See more info about what radon gas is and the health risk of radon from the EPA “Radon Gas” page.

If you are interested in radon testing you can contact us via our contact page and we’ll be glad to answer any questions you may have.

A 3rd party is used for this service. All additional services come with their detailed report provided by the professional 3rd party we use. All 3rd party companies are licensed and certified in their trade. These reports will be attached to your digital home inspection report so you can keep all documents in one safe location.

Profound Home Inspections thoroughly inspects and reports on the following when visible and accessible:


The grounds around the home will be inspected looking at the condition of the driveway, walkways, porches, decks, stairs, railings as well as the vegetation. The grading around the home is very important.


The exterior of your home is more than just how it looks. You also want to make sure it is protecting you against the elements. The exterior part of the home inspection will include siding, exterior doors, flashing & trim, windows, walkways, stairs, drainage, patios & decks, driveways.


A large part of buying a home is wanting to be safe from the weather. This starts with the roof. The inspection of the roof includes the roof coverings, gutters, downspouts, flashings, chimney, vents, skylights, roof penetrations, as well as the general structure, and condition.


The garage is inspected for the overall condition as well as the operation of the door itself. Proper garage to living area is examined for fire safety.


The attic is an important component of the structure. We will report on the insulation levels, access points as well is the framing and proper ventilation.


The interior is where you will feel safe. We inspect the condition of the ceilings, floors and walls. The operation of windows, doors, cabinetry are also evaluated.


Kitchens are for gathering and making memories. We will inspect every appliance in the kitchen, including but not limited to, the range, cooktops, dishwasher, disposal, microwave, etc.


The HVAC system is at the top of our minds during the home inspection. Comfort in the winter and summer are keys to quality of life. Will will inspected the AC condenser, furnaces as well as any visible ductwork throughout the home.


The electrical system for the home is all about safety. We will evaluate the electrical service to the home, amperage of the service, main electrical panel and distribution panel(s). Receptacles, GFCI and AFCI protection, visible wiring, smoke and carbon monoxide detectors, lights, switches, etc.


Plumbing is a component that we don’t think about until something leaks. That is why plumbing tends to get a lot of attention. We will check the main water supply, shut-off valves, water heater, toilets, interior water supply, sinks, showers, bath-tubs, drains, as well as waste, and ventilation systems.


The foundation is just that, the foundation. Without a quality foundation, movement can occur. We will thoroughly inspect the floor structure, framing, support. The foundation walls are inspected for cracking, movement as well as signs of moisture intrusion.

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Jake with Profound Home Inspections is a great choice for home inspection company. I used him in a home purchase and he was very professional and thorough. He also has the tools such as infared that others want to charge extra for, he just does because it gives the best inspection service. He also is really nice and knew what he was talking about as I grilled him with a lot of questions. Just choose Jake with Profound Home Inspections. You will be glad you did.