Sewer Scope Inspections

You may think of plumbing when considering a home inspection, but getting your lateral sewer line inspected often doesn’t come top of mind. It is, however, a very important ancillary service.

What You Need To Know About Sewer Scopes

Damage to sewer lines can be devastating to a home, causing both health and structural issues. Fortunately, homeowners and buyers can be proactive by having a sewer scope inspection. A trained and certified inspector will examine the sewer line using specialized camera equipment to identify issues. They will also provide a thorough inspection report with findings and recommendations. Here is everything you need to know about sewer scope inspection, and what sewer line issues and risks to look out for. 

Sewer Scope Inspection: What It Is and Why You Might Need One

Profound Home Inspections is certified through InterNACHI to perform sewer scope inspections. A sewer scope inspection uses a camera attached to a snake-like cable to examine the home’s sewer lateral line. This pipeline is owned by the homeowner and leads from the house to the city’s main sewer line. Sewer scope inspections can reveal damage to the pipes, blockages, tree roots, low spots, etc. It also can spot potential problem areas before they develop into serious issues or hazards. After the inspection, clients will receive a report with findings and recommendations. This allows homeowners, home buyers, and home sellers to act before extensive damage, health issues, or expensive repairs occur.

Causes of Sewer Line Issues: 5 main culprits that cause most sewer line issues


This is the most common issue for sewer line blockage. Fast growing tree roots find their way in through the smallest cracks to feed off water and nutrients within sewer pipes. Having regular sewer scope inspections can help identify signs of root damage early and save on more expensive repairs down the line.


Sewer lines that are located in an unsupportive or poorly built trench can begin to sag over time. This creates a spot called a belly where sewage can build up and create blockages.


Naturally occurring events such as excavating or seismic activity can cause the ground to shift. This can result in misaligning sewer lines, no matter how well they were first laid.


You will often find clay tile or “orangeburg” lateral lines in older homes. These materials are much more susceptible to issues than plastic pipes used in newer homes. A sewer scope inspection can spot inferior pipe materials that could cause future issues.


Unfortunately, sometimes sewer lines are poorly installed. Improperly fitted connections and severe angles along the pipes are among some of the most common issues. If your home sewer line is poorly installed, it’s important to identify this and make repairs as soon as possible.

How Much is a Sewer Scope?

The cost of a sewer lateral inspection is $200 and performed on the day of the Home Inspection. A separate report will be provided as well as a YouTube video of the Sewer Line. 

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